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Dr Mullings is a fellowship-trained Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgeon. He utilizes the latest endoscopic equipment to restore breathing, relieve facial pressure and improves smell by clearing inflammation or tumours from the sinuses without cuts or bruises to the face. Currently, he is the only North American Fellowship trained Sinus Surgeon practising in the English-Speaking Caribbean.

Dr Mullings completed medical school training at the University of the West Indies (UWI), obtaining honors in his Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree. He went on to do specialization training at the University of the West Indies in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery. Dr Mullings spent one year at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada as a postgraduate trainee. While there, he was trained by world-renowned experts in Otology, Rhinology and Head and Neck Surgery. He has completed training courses at Johns Hopkins University and other recognized learning centres.

Throughout his training, he has received multiple awards for academic achievement and research.

Dr Mullings returned to Vancouver, Canada, for a fellowship in Rhinology, Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery under the direct tutelage of Professor Amin Javer. Dr Mullings is an expert in managing complex sinus and skull base diseases. Upon completing his fellowship, he had completed over 500 sinus cases in one year. FOSA Surgical Associates recruited Dr Mullings to establish a first world sinus centre in Jamaica. He maintains a permanent professional affiliation with the St Paul’s Sinus Centre in Vancouver. He regularly discusses cases with sinus surgeons in the UK, USA and Canada. His postgraduate work in sinus diseases has been presented at International conferences and published in the Clinics of North America.

Dr Mullings’ passion is returning patients to their best quality of life through compassionate and comprehensive management of their nose and sinus related issues.


I’m a walking miracle. I had polyps in my left nostril for quite a while now. It was so bad that I had sleepless nights and couldn’t breathe without my mouth open. I couldn’t get the help I needed due to COVID19 setting things back. 

Then God sent me the great Dr Mullings, the best.  Now I’m feeling brand new, and it’s the best feeling. He fixed my nostril; now it’s like my life just started. 

Trust me, if you're having any sinus problems, visit Dr Mullings; he will let you feel like yourself once more.  I’m happy about the day I went to his office; he’s a fixer and the best ENT specialist.

- Stacy Ann Dunkley

In 2007, I had a chronic sinus infection that required intravenous antibiotics to try to clear the infection, followed by surgery to flush out my sinuses in 2008. For years after, I suffered from the discomforts of headaches, recurring flare-ups, and numbness in the cheek and a section of my top lip.


Then I was referred to Dr Mullings in 2021, who ordered various imaging reports to conclusively recommend treatment. Though the procedure was an investment, he masterfully operated in 2022 and treated my condition.


In his care, I felt assured as he explained what was happening and why every step of the way, along with the solutions that proved quite effective. His professionalism, knowledge and very caring demeanour made the experience pleasant, and his team was amazing and demonstrated first-class patient care.


Now I thank God for a healthy sinus and a clear nasal passage. Thanks, doc!!

- Heather Small

After over 20 years of having a constant runny nose and nasal congestion and every doctor prescribing nasal sprays and different OTC drugs that offered momentary relief, I finally found Dr Mullings on Google. 

From my first consultation, I was sure to outline to Doc my past treatment plans and how I was feeling. He was able to try one more treatment plan, and when I concluded that my best option was to do surgery, I was anxious, but Dr Mullings and the FOSA team were very helpful and guided me every step of the way. 

He answered all my many, many questions, and my endoscopic sinus surgery was flawlessly done. My post-op care was thorough, and the team checked on me throughout my entire recovery. 

The results post-surgery have changed my life, and for the first time in over 20 years, I can breathe easily, and the congestion and runny nose are a thing of the past. 
Huge thank you to Dr Mullings and the team! 

- Shanique Hayden

I had chronic sinus issues for years, for which I was seeing doctors and being treated. It got worse, medication was of no use, and I was having excruciating pains; finally, I went to FOSA for the first time. The staff was soooooooo welcoming, and their customer service is EXCELLENT.

Dr Mullings greeted me as if we had known each other for years, and after a thorough examination, surgery was recommended.

The surgery was performed, and I have never had such excellent service before.

The doctor and the staff maintained correspondence and called to check in on my progress and if I was administering my treatment at home, and they always called to remind me of my follow-up appointments.

I want to express heartfelt gratitude to Dr Mullings for allowing me to have better health and to the FOSA crew for their hospitality.

I would recommend FOSA to anyone.

- M.C.

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